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Rules for 2016

Any Questions Contact Josh Merrill cell 319-929-7425 or Justin Vorwald at 563-599- 8299. Website is http://www.htpa.biz/

 Club Rules

1. Membership fee is $50 before 1st pull and $75 at first pull. Additional Drivers is $25 before 1st pull and $45 at 1st pull. Family members under the age of 12 and wives are $5 at first pull and $10 at first pull.

2. $20 hook fee for members and $30 hook fee for non members for all classes.

3. NO ALCOHOL allowed in pits until the pull is over.

4. NO ALCOHOL allowed until tractors are on the trailer and chained down.

5. Tractors must pull in order that they sign up in or they will not hook for the class.

6. Must be seated on tractor when it is running.


8. If protested you need $500 and half goes to the club and the other half goes to the winner.

9. Tractors may be weighted or tacked after pulling.



12. If complained to the secretaries or promoter you will lose points and payout for the day of the event.

13. All family members with HTPA membership cards will get into pull. You have to go through the gate where the tractors go.

14. 1st time warning will lose point and money for that event, and 2nd time will be banned from the club for 1 year and 1 day.

15. There is a one day membership fee for insurance for 10 more per hook.

16. After 300ft there is no out of bounce and it is a floating finish.

17. Wide Front Ends

18. All Drivers must be 18 years old and all semi drivers must have a CDL to pull the semi.  

19. 1st puller of the day can rehook


Class 1

·         8,500 lbs & 9,000 lbs.

·         3000 rpm

·         12 mph

·         18.4*38 or 20.8*34 or 20.8*38tires

·         Can have narrow front ends       


·         11,000 -12,000 lbs

·         3000rpm

·         12mph

·         20.8*38 or 18.4*42 or 20.8*42 tires


·         11,500-12,500 lbs

·         3000 rpm

·         18 mph

·         18.4*42 or 20.8*38 or 20.8*42 tires


·         9,500-10,000 lbs

·         cube limit 466 with 650ci

·         3000rpm

·         20.8*38 or 18.4*42 tires

·         No Speed

·         650ci no intercoolers

·          turbo must be no bigger than 3 in 3 out  no modified slots


·         3500 RPM 360 CI Class

·         7,500-7,800lbs

·         18.4* 38 or 20.8*34 tires-any cut & any rim

·         Safety equipment required on tractor

·         No nitrous or nitro methane, No inner coolers, No water injection allowed, No electronic injection allowed, 2 valves per cylinder on heads

·         360 cubic inch block or smaller-no decubing of larger engine, must run 3000rpm, 3LM 466 box charge $800 or less, any injection pump

·         2.34 inlet

·         Helmets and firesuits



·         5,000-5,500 lbs

·         ONE fuel only no nitrous or nitro methane

·         3000 rpm

·         Non-turbo

·         No down draft carburetors

·         18.4*38 or 20.8*34 tires




·         6,500-7,500 & 8,500

·         ONE fuel only no nitrous or nitro methane

·         3000 rpm

·         Non-turbo

·         20.8*38 or 18.4*42 tires

·         No down draft carburetors

·         Can have headers

·         Can have narrow front ends

Class 8

Gas Trucks

·         6,200 & 6,500 LBS 4wd

·         Hitch height for 4wd 30”



·         Wheelie bars

·         Recommended roll bars or ropes

·         Turbo size 3"x3" and factory small mouth base 3 ¼ by 4 ¼ and wheel protrudes into the housing

·         No alcohol injection

·         Steel fly wheel and scatter blanket are recommended

·         Helmets are recommended

·         Speed Board will be used for speed

·         Draw bar 20” high 18” front center to axle

·         Cut tires of any cut are legal

·         No weights sticking out behind rear tires or on three point

·         Hitch must have hole minimum 3” wide and 3 1/2 long

·         Hitch must have more than 1 ½” square or 1 1/8” round stock

·         Minimum pin size of 7/8”

·         No portion of vehicle may interfere with the sled, chain or hook. Area 6” wide and 12”

·         Immediately above the draw bar must be free of all obstruction

·         Wheelie bars and draw bars are not to be connected

·         Steel fly wheel

·         Scatter blankets

·         Safety tie bar recommended

·         Tractor length of 13’ maximum from center of rear wheels to the farthest point forward including front weights

·         Side shields recommended

·         All tractors must have fenders on their tractors in order to pull

·         Tractor can ONLY hook 2 times per event

·         P pump or any pumps smaller allowed. No French pumps allowed

·         Kill switches

·         Turbo tractors have to have OEM intake and exhaust manifold

·         Drivers must be seated on the tractor when running. No riders allowed otherwise you will be DQ

·         NO drinking of any kind of alcohol allowed until tractors are chained down on trailer and shut off. If you get caught you will be DQ

·         The open classes needs seat belts and helmet and fires suit

·         Tractors must have working brakes

·         One turbo allowed for the 3000 rpm classes

·         Can’t turn down 1st hook unless sled is changed

·         Over 20% stock has to have a blanket and steel flywheel there is a 2 pull allowance.


For the No speed 3000rpm Classes (9,500-10,000 466/650) classes need the Following:

·         Steel Flywheel

·         Air Shut offs

·         Tie Bars

·         Wheelie Bars

·         Roll Cage

·         Side shields

·         One hand needs to be on steering wheel at all times

·         Scatter blanket

·         Helmet

·         Back up light

·         Full Fire suit

·         Three way fuel shut off valve

·         Front Skies


For 18MPH Class (11,500-12,500) need the Following:

·         Steel Flywheel

·         Air Shut offs

·         Tie Bars  recommend

·         Wheelie Bars

·         Roll Cage or Rops

·         Side shields

          Seat Belt 



•Hitch point must be rearmost part of vehicle. No weight may extend rearward beyond the hitch point. No weight may extend more than 60 inches forward of the centerline of the front axle.

•Must pull from bumper or receiver hitch and be located in the factory location.

•Maximum hitch height will be 30 inches. Hitch must be rigid in all directions. No floating or trick hitches allowed. Hitch must have inside measurements of a minimum 3 1/2 inches wide and 31/2 inches front to back.

•Must keep stock frame but reinforcements are allowed. Must maintain factory wheelbase. No frame altercations to lengthen or shorten wheelbase are allowed.

•Headers are allowed and can run vertical or down and back.

•Aluminum intakes are allowed. No sheet metal intakes.

•Naturally aspirated engines only. No turbos, blowers, or superchargers.

•Maximum one carburetor.

•Cast iron blocks and heads only.

•no pressurized fuels (factory fuel injection is allowed if production on make and model of vehicle), no alcohol, no nitrous.

•Factory suspension must be in place and operable. Suspension blocking is allowed.

•All body parts must remain in place. All hoods, doors and fenders must be in place. No tilt bodies.

•DOT approved tires only. No bar tires, no recaps, no split rims, no cut tires or chains allowed.

•Trucks are limited to one engine, one transmission (1 ton and under), and one drop box (4 wheel drives only) No profab transmissions or drop boxes allowed.

•Safety equipment such as driveshaft loops, SFI clutch housing, steel flywheels, scatter blankets, SFI balancers, engine side shields, ale/lug nut shields, helmets, fire extinguishers, fire suits and kill switches are all highly recommended but not required.

•All drivers must be 18 years old.    

Rules revised on April 10, 2015